1. When you register your email address and postcode into the Weekly Postcode Lottery, your postcode goes into a list of postcodes where a completely random postcode is chosen when there is a draw.

2. To enter Weekly Postcode Lottery, you must be at least 18 years old.

3. To enter Weekly Postcode Lottery, you must have a registered UK address with which to play.

4. You are not allowed to enter the competition with more than one email address or postcode.

5. If you enter the competition with a fake or international postcode and this is found out, we reserve the right to not pay your winnings.

6. If the winner(s) has not claimed their prize within 7 days then that prize pot is unable to be claimed.

7. You are only able to enter each competition once per week. If it is found out that you have entered using multiple accounts then Weekly Postcode Lottery reserves the right to remove you from the draw.

8. When the draw has been made and the winning postcode has been chosen you will be able to click claim if it is your postcode. If more than one person has won with the winning postcode then the prize pool is split between how many people have won with that postcode. After clicking claim and confirming your postcode, if you are the winner then you will be notified by email from us to which further information will be provided on how to receive your money.

9. If there are multiple winners and some of the winners fail to claim, then their share of the prize pool will be unavailable to claim after the 7 days.

10. If you are entering the draws which require points to enter each week then to play you must have the minimum amount of points to enter this draw. The amount of points needed to enter these draws are stated on each of the draws page that you wish to enter.

11. It is your responsibility to come and check the site every time that a draw takes place to see if you have won. Weekly Postcode Lottery will not send out winner’s emails telling you to come to the site to claim your prize.

12. Weekly Postcode Lottery will send out emails during each week in regard to reminding you to come back to the site and play or for other promotional purposes. If you wish to unsubscribe then you can follow the unsubscribe section.